About us

Hello there! 


I am so glad you stopped by to learn a little more about taste buds by storm.


 My name is Nicole Storm and I am the owner and operator of this business. The goals behind taste buds by storm are: to demonstrate that clean eating can be delicious and fun, and to give as many people as possible the ability to eat clean meals at an affordable price. 


Let me tell you a little about my passion. Growing up, the kitchen was always the heart of my home. I remember pushing a chair up to the counter to help my parents cook gourmet meals. In recent years, members of my family have been diagnosed with food allergies (such as dairy, eggs, corn, wheat and potatoes to name a few) as well as autoimmune diseases. This has dramatically changed the way they cook, and prompted me to want to understand how our body processes food and why it is important to eat certain things. I received a specialization in fitness nutrition from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 


I am also a (NASM) certified personal trainer, and many of my clients wanted to add healthy eating to their lifestyles. One mom told me that between: work, running the kids to sports, and trying to get the rest of the family fed, often, her dinner would be a handful of goldfish. Watching people train, then knowing they would not have time to prepare healthy meals, made me want to start this business. 


If you have any questions in regards to clean eating, meal prep, of a healthy life style, please reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or send an email. I would love to cook for you! 


Eat Clean. Live Full. 

Nicole Storm